Hello world!

Hello i am Haiqel..thats my name. Well, apparently i have different ones too, HAIQOW  is one of them, you knw hw some ppl just cant pronouce QEL, will be like, QOW.. mostly this ppl are from a certain race, not that i have anything against them, matter of fact i absolutely love them esp the dudettes..nice ppl 🙂 it was kinda annoying? well no actually, but i got used to it…another is apparently Jake,  most of my secondary sch ive been call that, wouldnt want to bore you abt how i got that name but in the end, i dont have any “Jake” blood in me, but im part uzbekistani haha, imma dude ,18 this year , god this feels like OMegle where ppl go, asl? tsktsktsktsktsk I am very Smart 😀 which wasnt reflected in my GPA…. Im Pretty Unbreakable, i have a mass knowledge of life…ask me anything and i tell you nothinggggg, IM JUST KIDDINGGGG.. im just a dude who goes to schl, nothing much…. :0


WELL apparently i forgot, the last week, but generally, been going out,, pretty normal i guess for any sociably normal people…been playing the guitar during the holidays,well actually 5 years, still suck at it :c been playin arnd with AE.. well i want my privacy, im not gonna tell you everythinggggggg 😀 goodbye

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